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Daisy CosyFeet Shoe
Daisy CosyFeet Shoe Good looking and exceptionally accommodating This delightful leather shoe with exquisite stitching detail and attractive scooped-wedge heels will add the finishing touch to any outfit. Light, delicate and very pretty– just like her namesake! But don't be fooled by her dainty appearance, this style will fit a range of swelling, even very swollen insteps. A shoe with definite Wow factor – not just in looks, but in her fitting capabilities too. Why you'll love Daisy... Will fit a range of swelling, even exceptional...Read More
Hands Free Hairdryer Stand
Hands Free Hairdryer Stand A convenient stand that holds the hairdryer steady for one handed styling or drying. The hairdryer nestles securely in a foam padded clamp on top of a flexible neck that can be adjusted to any angle from its tabletop base.   Useful for hemiplegics, arthritics and others with limited upper extremity range of motion, strength or co-ordination. This simple, but essential piece of equipment increases independence for user or carer....Read More
Casa Vario T Adjustable Nursing Bed
Casa Vario T Adjustable Nursing Bed The Casa Vario T is a scissor action bed, supplied without head and foot boards and side rails as standard. The frame is very robust and has dual lockable castors. Easy to clean Height adjustable Optional patient helper can be fi tted to either side of the head section 4 section metal mesh mattress support has welded mattress retainers Electric backrest, legrest and knee brake An 8 button handset with swipe is supplied Dual lockable castors are supplied as standard ...Read More
Educator Pelvic Floor Exercise Indicator
Educator Pelvic Floor Exercise Indicator Professional Incontinence Trainer (Kegel Exercise) The Pelvic Floor Educator is a revolutionary solution to help women improve the strength of their pelvic floor muscles. By strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, the Educator can help to eliminate urinary incontinence problems.   This unique and effective device puts patients in control of their urinary function and has been used by continence care specialists across the world for some years.   The Pelvic Floor Educator aims to improve bladder control in only a few weeks...Read More